Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hallway Mini-Posters

Here’s one summer project down…If you think about it, the kids spend a lot of time in the hall. They switch classes, go to lunch, go to specials, go to the library, go to the bathroom, go to the office (for good things, of course), etc. We all put kids’ projects up on the bulletin boards in the hallways for others to see the amazing things we are doing in our classroom. But…do the kids really have time to read them? Maybe they stop to read one or two per month on their way to and from the bathroom, but then they risk the chance of getting in trouble because they took too long. (We should stop and think about why they took a long time, by the way. Maybe they WERE reading something on a bulletin board.)

Any whooo…If you stopped and looked at my Pinterest site, you would know that I love inspirational quotes, and I am always looking for ways to share them! I thought…"Why not share these with the school?" So, I created some mini-posters of inspirational quotes with Power Point to hang from the drop ceilings in the hallway. The good thing about them is that they are short and sweet. Kids and adults alike will be able to read them as they walk from one room to another. Hopefully they’ll put little skips in their steps and smiles on their faces. =)


Click here if you want to print the posters

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